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The Art of the Doll in all its Creation is coming on June 19-23, 2019. Experience the magic as if you were there - and watch it again and again! FAQ Located here.


Virtual Doll Convention is a completely interactive Doll & Bear Convention that is presented entirely online in a private facebook group.

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The Art of the Doll Virtual Convention that is run entirely online in a private Facebook Group. You will experience ALL that you typically experience with an on-site Convention for the cost of only $25.00. Read below for everything that is in the works for the upcoming June ‘Art of the Doll’ Virtual Doll Convention.

This Convention is presented 100% online in a private group on Facebook. Join Doll and Teddy bear Enthusiast, Collecting Influencer, and Virtual Event Entrepreneur, Rachel Hoffman as she guides you and a group of like-minded individuals through The Art of the Doll in all its Creation on June 19-23, 2019. All of the scheduled events will remain in the group for later viewing for those who can’t catch it live or want to watch it again. The content is created and streamed special for this convention. We hope you join us!

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By joining this exclusive Convention group, you will receive all this below (and more) for only $25.00.

Unlimited Access to our Virtual Doll Convention Private Facebook Group and Community

Classes with helen kish | sewing Workshops | Programs | Salesroom | International Travel | Closing Banquet and Program | exclusive printable daily souvenirs

Conventioneers will be encouraged to share their personal collections, and enjoy lots of ‘look and learn’ moments from each other.

Prior to the start of the convention, you will receive all of your resources and schedules to follow along. Can’t attend at time of live stream? No problem! The content remains in the group for later viewing.

Convention Artist: Helen Kish

One of the most sought-after and respected doll artists working today, Helen Kish has created a rich repertoire of work ranging from charming limited-edition vinyl and porcelain dolls to evocative one-of-a-kind sculptures of clay, porcelain, bronze and stoneware.

Helen Kish will TEACHING a painting and sculpting class for the first time in her dollmaking career.

Purchase optional Helen Kish Sculpting and Painting Kits here.

This is groundbreaking for artists and collectors of all kinds to experience her talent in action and learn from one of the greatest doll artists of our time.

Little Ladies: Victorian Fashion Dolls and the Feminine Ideal

We will take you on two virtual museum tours in Philadelphia and Germany:

Little Ladies: Victorian Fashion Dolls and the Feminine Ideal - Before Barbie and American Girl, there was Miss Fanchon. The ultimate toy for privileged girls in the 1860s and 1870s, she and her friends were seen as models of ladylike perfection. These dolls came with an amazing array of dresses, undergarments, and meticulously crafted accessories, from gloves and jewelry to roller skates and calling cards.

The trip to Philadelphia and special program production is underwritten by a generous grant from Virtual Convention Sponsor Billye B. Harris of Ashley’s Dolls.

Margarete Steiff's Historic Birth House

Margarete Steiff's Historic Birth Housein Giengen, Germany:

Let’s Make Some Magic: A Behind The Scenes Tour Of Margarete Steiff’s Home  in Giengen, Germany

We will visit the birth house of Margarete Steiff, the founder of Margarete Steiff GmbH - or the Steiff Company as we better know it. The house is located just a stone's throw from the factory in Giengen, Germany and is open to the public.  It can be explored with a docent or via a self guided tour - or in this case - at the Virtual Convention.

This tour and production is underwritten by a generous grant from Virtual Convention Sponsor ‘Steiffgal’ Rebekah Kaufman.

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Educational Seminars with Doll and Teddy Bear Experts

Seminars: Tune in for exciting programs where a world-renowned expert or teacher in their field will interact with you. You will be able to ask questions, interact, and view the seminars at a later date if your schedule doesn't permit for live viewing. These programs will include lots of dolls and bears shown in real-time. The workshops will feel so real; you will want to reach out and touch your screen!

speakers Include:

Rachel Hoffman {Host}

Helen Kish - Painting and Sculpting Workshop

Michael Canadas and David Robinson (and special guests!) at The Grovian Doll Museum

Shelley Thornton - Textile talk, special exhibit, celebrated doll artisan.

Bradley Justice Yarbrough - Barbie + his other magical offerings for us!

Billye Harris - The Pink Princess never disappoints!

Rebekah Kaufman - Steiff Bonanza in the works + museum tour.

John Port - Teddy Bear artist and expert.

Jena Pang - Miniature Artist Teddy Bears

Stephanie Blythe - NIADA artist, dyeing fabrics workshop.

Andy and Becky Ourant - The German Art Doll Reform Movement

Jonathan Green - Historian + Kathe Kruse Expert

Kathy Turner - China doll talk + Special Souvenir artist

Alan Scott Pate - Antique Japanese Dolls

+ More exciting topics and speakers in the works!

Special Exhibit Trip to Nebraska: Dollmaker Shelley Thornton

Inside the Studio and a Retrospect Special Exhibit of NIADA Artist Shelley Thornton

The character of my design for dolls has naturally evolved out of my illustration style, which is decorative, clear and simplified, with heavy outlines and solid, carefully orchestrated colors. Consequently, my dolls are relatively simple or stylized, and not overly embellished. Their visual interest relies largely upon the juxtaposition of the found patterns and colors of the fabrics. Most importantly, I strive for each doll to express an individual "presence."

I was born, raised and educated in Lincoln, Nebraska. From the age of two, my major focus was art. Drawing, painting, and constructing things occupied most of my childhood. I have always been interested in sewing, dollmaking, toys, puppets, and animation.

"...we can see at once that these dolls are superbly designed and made, with technical competence bordering on bravura. They stand before us, these curiously romantic creatures, complete and perfect and disarmingly simple and I am immediately enchanted and swept away on a wave of pleasure..."

-- John Darcy Noble, Doll Reader magazine, August, 1995 on NIADA Shelley Thornton

Sewing Workshops with Doll Artisan Guild Master Educator Linda Wall

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Workshops: It's never too early or too late in your doll collecting journey to learn tips and tricks for doll care and preservation. In the virtual workshops, you will receive your supply lists the week before so you can work with the instructor in real-time. The supplies will be easy and inexpensive to find/purchase, and you might already have them. THE OPTIONAL SEWING KIT FOR THE WORKSHOPS WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON. These workshops are ALL SKILL LEVEL.


Linda Wall has received the Doll Artisan Guild Award of Excellence in Doll Making, and is an international educator for Doll Artisan Guild. She holds an Honorary Doctorate in Dollmaking, and will be your private educator for the convention.

Learn more about Linda’s dollmaking practice.

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On Friday, we will open the virtual doll and teddy bear salesroom! Shop hundreds of items in a pop-up 72 hour virtual sale filled with exciting finds in every price range. Shop from hand-selected vendors across the country who will be picking highlights from their inventories special for this event. Each seller will have their own album in the group, and you can shop each virtual booth with ease.

Movie Screening: Popular Classic - On Friday night after a busy day of shopping, we will unwind in the group with a classic movie screening. The group will take a poll and decide on the film at the beginning of the day.

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World Premier Closing Program of Living Legend George Stuart

Michael Canadas and David Robinson of the Carmel Doll Shop and The Grovian Doll Museum have put together an epic program on George Stuart. For more than fifty years NIADA artist George S. Stuart has been capturing the essence of history's most famous and infamous personalities. He creates captivating portraits of famous and infamous people of world history who wielded influence and power in their time. His works have been exhibited in The Smithsonian and William J. Clinton Presidential Library as well as at other museums and libraries throughout the United States.

This program is underwritten by a generous grant from two of our Virtual Convention Sponsors: The Carmel Doll Shop and The Grovian Doll Museum owned by Michael Canadas and David Robinson


Sunday Banquet High Tea Extravaganza:

Virtual Banquet Party Cook-along with David Robinson and Rachel Hoffman LIVE in Pacific Grove, California

Imagine attending a stunning high tea party at the Grovian Doll Museum complete with a program by Michael Canadas on antique Huret Dolls, and participating in a scone making workshop with David Robinson?

This is happening at the June 'Art of the Doll And All Its Creation' Virtual Doll Convention. Pick out your finest fascinators and apparel (or wear your favorite pajamas) to the most epic virtual doll, tea, and scone making party of the year.

What could be better than a delectable tea party, program by Michael, and scones by David? We have reserved a special seat for you!

Chef David Robinson for Virtual Doll Convention
High Tea Party Grovian Doll Museum Virtual Doll Convention
White Lace and Promises Huret High Tea Virtual Doll Convention.jpg

Here are a couple snapshots of the January 2019 Virtual Banquet - the Home of Michael Canadas and David Robinson

Daily Convention Printable Souvenir


You will receive a daily souvenir consisting of beautiful printable paper dolls and bears! If you enjoyed the souvenirs for the January Virtual Convention, wait for what is in store this time! The souvenirs are made SPECIAL for the Convention by ARTISTS that you love. They include Helen Kish, Diane E. Vining, Kathy Turner, Shelley Thornton, and Stephanie Blythe. They will consist of clothing, backgrounds, and more. Just download and print!


Thank you to our 2019 Art of the Doll convention sponsors - see below for our generous patron and business partners.